Campo Grande, MS, Brasil - 30 de maio a 3 de junho de 2011.

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The Workshop on Autonomic Distributed Systems (WoSiDA), Co-located with the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, was aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners from the distributed systems community to discuss the fundamental principles, state of the art, and critical challenges of self-managing or autonomic distributed systems.

The WoSiDA 2011 program included 9 position papers selected from 17 submissions. The reviewing and selecting process was careful, where each paper was distributed to at least three members of the technical program committee. The acceptance decision was taken after an evaluation of all reviews, paying attention to the reviews comments - not just the review scores. The accepted papers are those considered by the reviewers the most solid work among the set analyzed, and they cover distinct aspects of autonomic distributed systems. Together the accepted papers give a broad view of what is being investigated in this field mainly in Brazil, but also Portugal.

Besides the presentation and discussion of the accepted papers, organized into three technical sections, we planned a panel where invited speakers can present distinct views on the design of autonomic distributed systems.

Finally, I would like to thank very much the program committee members for having accepted the challenge of building this program, and the organizers of SBRC 2011 for their support.

Raimundo José de Araújo Macêdo 
Coordenador do WoSIDA 2011


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